Performance Designed Products

American video game accessories manufacturer
Performance Designed Products
IndustryVideo game accessory 22 manufacturing
Area served
ProductsVideo Game Accessories
ParentDiversis Capital

Performance Designed Products, also known as PDP, is an American video game peripheral manufacturer based in San Diego, California.[1]


The company was founded in 1990 in San Diego, California. It is mainly known for producing accessories for various game consoles and handhelds with the majority of its products being made for Nintendo products in recent years. It offer its products under various brands including Afterglow, Rock Candy, and Victrix.[2]

After the release of Rock Band 4, PDP become the new co-publisher alongside Harmonix after Mad Catz was having financial issues.[3]

In 2019, PDP got into a dispute with Poly for infringing on its logo which PDP says it stole from them.[4]


On April 26, 2021, PDP had announced that it was acquired by Diversis Capital, a Los Angeles based private equity firm.[5]


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